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As owner and lead captain, I don't want to be just another delivery service; providing excellent quality and professionalism is my goal. Whether it is needing your vessel relocated for the season or moving your new purchase to her new port, we strive to make it a stress-free experience. Our team has years of experience running the inland rivers, the Gulf of Mexico, and the Atlantic Coast.

Our team takes pride in delivering your vessel safely as if it were our own with meticulous planning. Power boats ranging from 35' to 80' are our specialty. I will select the appropriate crew for the size of the vessel and body of water. We handle all the logistical support from pre-departure planning, provisioning, underway planning, and a post-delivery report. The post-delivery report provides you with all the little things the surveyor missed. A turn-key service is our goal.
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Frequently Asked Questions

What type of license and experience does the captain have?
Captain Jeff is a USCG 100GT Master Captain with decades of experience on the Atlantic and
Gulf coasts/ICW plus, spending years running the rivers throughout the Eastern US.


How are the rates determined?
All deliveries are quoted based on a daily rate, which includes the captain and crew
member(s). There are two rates: one is for when the vessel is underway, and the other is for
travel and dock time due to weather or mechanical issues. Underway is a full-day rate, and
travel/dock time is lower. Plus, expenses (see below).


How many crew members are there on a delivery or relocation?
On any vessels over 38'. a minimum of the captain and one (1) crew member is required. On
vessels 70' or over, we recommend the captain and two (2) crew members. The number of crew members is contingent on the route, distance, and type of vessel to ensure the crew's and your vessel's safety.


What expenses am I going to expect?
The vessel owner is responsible for covering all captain, crew, and vessel expenses related to
the delivery. (e.g., crew travel, food, crew lodging (if needed), vessel fuel, maintenance,
transient fees) These items are NOT an all-inclusive list but are a representation.


Does the captain organize the logistics?
All you need to do is to tell us when and where your boat needs to go. The captain and crew
plan the trip and all the details related to an extensive trip. Arrange crew transportation, book transient dockage, provision the boat, plot the route, arrange for a mechanic if needed, and any
What if I'm buying a boat and am not sure when the vessel will be ready to move?
We can be reasonably flexible with enough time to plan. Things can get in the way of the best-laid plans, so if you can be flexible, so can we. Between delays in closing, mechanical issues, and mother nature, we all must understand that sometimes we are not in control.
What maintenance is needed for the boat before the trip?
We require preventive maintenance before departure. A qualified mechanic must replace all engine fluids (including the generator), filters, and impellers. This preventative maintenance is for many reasons: you have a baseline on the essential maintenance, and it prevents costly repairs down the road. Many boats are not used to running for long hours at a time. During delivery or relocation, we are safe, but the engines and systems are pushed much harder than they are accustomed to. USCG required safety gear to be on-board and serviceable.
Is a deposit due when booking a captain and crew?
When you are locked in on a date and schedule a captain and crew, a 50% deposit is required for the estimated expenses. The deposit is applied to the final invoice once the delivery is  completed.
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